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About us

About the Business and Government Liaison Unit

What the BGLU provides

ASIO's Business and Government Liaison Unit (BGLU) provides a public interface between the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation and the private sector in Australia. The BGLU's role is to provide reporting that raises awareness about national security issues.

The BGLU provides credible information to Australian business security managers that enables them to:

  • recognise and respond to national security threats;
  • develop risk mitigation strategies appropriate to their business; and
  • provide informed briefings to executives and staff.

How the BGLU operates

The BGLU administers a secure website on a free subscription basis. Subscribers to the BGLU website cover a diverse range of industry sectors.

The BGLU website contains intelligence-backed unclassified reporting on the domestic and international security environment. This reporting is drawn from the full range of ASIO's information holdings and expertise, including the multi-agency National Threat Assessment Centre (NTAC). The BGLU has a large range of reports and products available on the website covering the international and domestic security environment, security threats to specific critical infrastructure sectors, terrorist incidents, issue motivated groups, espionage, physical and personnel security, and tactics and methodology. The website also includes reports and products from other Australian Government departments and some foreign intelligence agency reports.

In support of the BGLU website, the BGLU engages directly with businesses on a one-to-one basis, working to build strong relationships between ASIO and the private sector. Additionally, the BGLU manages an executive program on behalf of the Director-General of Security to raise national security matters at CEO and board level in major Australian companies.

Other inquiries

All media inquiries should be directed to the ASIO Media Liaison Officer on (02) 6249 8381.

You should ring the National Security Hotline on 1800 123 400 if you:

  • have concerns about, or information on, threats to Australia's critical infrastructure; or
  • believe you have information of possible terrorist activity or have seen of heard something suspicious that may need investigation by security agencies.

If you would like to report a crime or have information about possible criminal activity, you should contact your local police.